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Count dooku lightsaber

Description. The dark side of the Force will seduce you and you’ll forget your past in the Jedi Order to become Darth Tyranus with this Count Dooku lightsaber. Dooku was a Jedi Master who fell to the dark side of the Force, then became a Dark Lord of the Sith. Born in Serenno, he was heir to the great and prestigious title of Count.

Complement your Count Dooku costume with this licensed Count Dooku lightsaber. The lightsaber is made of sturdy plastic and features raised control buttons on the hilt and raised plastic grips. (Buttons for appearance only, they do not affect lightsaber's performance.) A red plastic blade is pulled out of the inside of the hilt.

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For instance, Count Dooku's saber hilt is curved and features the colors black and silver and Kylo Ren wields a saber with a crossguard hilt design. Custom lightsabers let you build your own lightsaber by choosing your hilt design, hilt color and blade color (some offer multiple blade colors in a single lightsaber!).

Dooku is a Sith, the second apprentice of The Emperor, and is very skilled in the ways of the force. His lightsaber is very unique in the shape of the hilt, and allows him to gracefully and effectively combat his opponent. He is eventually killed by Anakin Skywalker, before Anakin turned to the dark side.

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